Social Security Disability

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"I can't believe my claim was denied. I haven't been able to work for months since the accident, and I have bills to pay! Can you help?"

Social Security law is complex and there are many reasons your claim might have been denied. Most often, the Social Security Administration will deny a claim at the initial stage, only to later grant it on appeal. You have a limited window of sixty (60) days to appeal a denial, so it's very important to hire counsel as soon as you receive a letter of denial! These claims can often be won at the Reconsideration or Hearing stage. Social Security has special rules for people with limited skills, English language proficiency, and the elderly. You also don't need to pay Mike up-front for legal help with these types of cases. Mike can work on a contingent fee basis, which means he doesn't get paid unless you do. If you need help with a Social Security Disability claim, please give Mike a call at (888) 510-1961. He's happy to provide the legal and moral support you need.