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If you've invested time, money, and emotional energy into a marriage, it can be extremely stressful to get divorced. All of us at The Law Office of Mike Moceri try to be sympathetic and understanding when you are going through one of the hardest times of your life. If you're going through a divorce and feel lost, confused, and need assistance, give us a call at (888) 510-1961. You'll be glad you did.


"I heard that it takes a long time to get a divorce. How long will mine take?"

Divorce in Washington State takes at least ninety (90) days to complete. By law, once a petition has been filed, you have to wait three months before your divorce can be finalized. This is called a "cooling off" period, and is intended to ensure that both parties to the divorce take the necessary time to consider the impact and implications of divorce on themselves, their assets, and their children. The waiting period is unavoidable, and cannot be sped up. While many cases settle during this ninety (90) day period, others can take longer. Each case is unique. Call my office to schedule a free consultation to determine what the timeline of your divorce may be.

Long-Term Marriages

"I've been married for thirty (30) years, was a stay-at-home mom, and now my husband wants a divorce. I've never worked. What can I do?"

Long-term marriages carry with them unique consideration when going through a divorce. When you've worked as a stay-at-home mom or dad, and have limited work experience, you can usually request spousal maintenance in order to get some money while you're being re-trained for the workforce, or until you're old enough to retire. "Maintenance" is a new-fangled term for what used to be called "alimony." You'll receive either a lump-sum or scheduled payments from your ex. Long-term marriages also typically have a lot more assets at stake than short-term ones, so you'll want to have an attorney evaluate all of your community assets to make sure you get what you deserve. Give me a call at (888) 510-1961 for a free consultation.

Short-Term Marriages

"I got married to my spouse a few months ago, and it just hasn't worked out. I think I want a divorce, but heard it can be expensive. What should I do?"

If you've just recently married, and need a divorce, the process can be relatively quick and painless as long as you have no children together. Short-term marriages typically involve less property and assets than long-term ones, so are easier to negotiate and finalize. Oftentimes, such divorces are relatively inexpensive and painless, even if you have to hire an attorney. The Law Office of Mike Moceri can also provide limited representation just to help you fill out the necessary forms. This service can often be provided for substantially less than if you need Mike to make court appearances on your behalf. Call us today to schedule a free appointment, we'll help you find the most cost-effective solution possible.

Divorce With Kids

"All I care about is keeping my kids safe in my custody -- how do I prevent my spouse from taking my kids from me?"

Divorce is made all the more difficult when you have kids together. Mike Moceri grew up in a broken family, and knows how hard it is on both parents and kids when mom and dad are going through a custody battle. If you need help ensuring that the best interests of your children are protected, please give Mike a call at (888) 510-1961. He's happy to provide the legal and moral support you need.

High-Asset Divorce

"My husband is a millionaire, and is hiding assets from me. How do I make sure I'm protected?"

Mike has experience dealing with high-asset divorces. There are a number of ways of discovering hidden assets in a divorce, but you have to act quickly and in accordance with the law. If you're involved in a high-asset divorce, Mike can bring the know-how and expertise necessary to evaluate your real property, stock accounts, retirement plans, and personal property in order to ensure that you get what you rightly deserve. Mike gives free consultations to everyone, so give him a call at (888) 510-1961 to get started today.