Child Custody

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Divorce With Kids

"All I care about is keeping my kids safe in my custody -- how do I prevent my spouse from taking my kids from me?"

Divorce is made all the more difficult when you have kids together. Mike Moceri grew up in a broken family, and knows how hard it is on both parents and kids when mom and dad are going through a custody battle. If you need help ensuring that the best interests of your children are protected, please give Mike a call at (888) 510-1961. He's happy to provide the legal and moral support you need.

Modification of Parenting Plans

"My ex and I have 50/50 custody, but now they're on drugs -- how do I protect my kids and get sole custody?"

If you and your spouse have a parenting plan in effect and need a modification, you'll need to show a "substantial change in circumstances" from the time the plan was first put into effect. If your spouse has recently started abusing drugs or alcohol, this is usually sufficient to warrant a modification. Every case is different, though. Call The Law Office of Mike Moceri today to schedule a free consultation.


"My ex and I have a parenting plan, but he wants to move out-of-state and is threatening to take the kids. How do I prevent that?"

In these situations, your spouse should have to file an "intent to relocate" with the court and ask permission to move with the kids. There is a rebuttable presumption that the custodial parent's relocation request will be granted. However, there are numerous reasons why the court may deny the request. Call Mike at (888) 510-1961 today for a free consultation on your unique circumstances.