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Flat Fee Legal Services

"How can flat-fee legal services help me?"

Most people can't afford an attorney to help with every aspect of their divorce. Attorney hourly rates are expensive, and a person can be hit with a bill they didn't expect. Costs quickly spiral out of control, and your attorney withdraws from the case. By using flat-rate legal services, you avoid these problems, give yourself more control, and save a lot of money.

The Law Office of Mike Moceri offers flat-rate services to our low-income clients who need help with individual hearings, motions, or investigations. If you need an attorney at your temporary order hearing, mediation, contempt hearing, modification, or for a simple restraining order, Mike can provide these services at a fixed, low cost.

If you have limited income, but want to ensure your rights are protected at your next court hearing, give Mike a call at (888) 510-1961 today! Mike offers FREE consultations in-person or over the phone.

Posted in Family Law on Jan 06, 2016